Green Energy Fund- Updated Incentives for Solar-PV and Other Updates

DNREC’s Division of Energy & Climate has announced changes to the Green Energy Fund grant program for Delmarva Power residential customers. For the full press release please click here.

The following updates have been made to the Green Energy Fund Program effective 12/01/2016:
1. Incentives have been eliminated for solar lease/PPA projects (this is for all revenue types: residential, non-residential, and non-profit).
2. The maximum grant amount for residential customer-owned systems has decreased to $3,000 at an incentive rate of $0.50/watt up to 50 kW.
3. Energy audits will no longer be required for non-residential and non-profit existing construction projects. Energy audits are still required for residential projects. See the below incentive rate schedule for further information on the changing incentives:

Start Date End Date Market Incentive per Watt Maximum Incentive
0-5kW 5-50kW
9/21/2015 11/30/2016 residential $0.55 $0.20 $3,300
9/21/2015 11/30/2016 lease/PPA Flat incentive: $1,000/project $1,000
9/21/2015 TBD* non-residential Flat incentive: $3,000/project $3,000
9/21/2015 TBD* non-profit $1.50 $0.75 $41,250
12/01/2016 TBD residential $0.50/watt up to 50 kW $3,000
12/01/2016 TBD All lease/PPA No Incentive $0
* No changes have been made to incentives for non-residential or non-profit solar projectsPlease note that no changed have been made to the incentive level of the SEU Upfront Purchase Program ($0.45/Watt) and lease/PPA systems can still apply for the SEU Upfront Purchase Program.


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