General Requirements

All SEU SREC Purchase Program applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. System must be interconnected after August 4th, 2014.

2. System must not have received a Green Energy Program Grant at the pre-Aug 4th, 2014 levels. Facilities that have not yet received their grant may opt to receive the post-Aug 4th grant in order to be eligible for the SREC Purchase Program, however they must complete a new application online at in order to receive the grant.

3. Systems must have an online reporting system installed and provide the login information for that system to the SEU. This system does not have to be revenue grade and may be an inverter based reporting system. The system must be maintained and operational for the 20 year life of the contract.

4. Systems must have a revenue grade meter installed. This does not have to be a revenue grade reporting meter, it can be an analog meter, however it does have to be revenue grade and installed after the inverter and measure AC output of the system. If a revenue grade reporting meter is installed, no additional revenue grade meter is required. Note that the utility installed meter is not sufficient to meet this requirement nor is the inverter based meter.

5. The customer must provide access to the system to the SEU upon reasonable request for the life of the contract, and must not impede the SEU from making modifications necessary to ensure creation of the SRECs covered under the contract.

6. The system must be physically located in Delaware and must obtain a Delaware Public Service Commission Certificate. The system must be eligible to create SRECs under the Delaware Renewable Portfolio Standard.

7. Part 2 of the application must be submitted within 3 months of the interconnection date.

Application Process

Systems wishing to apply for the SREC Purchase Program can complete an application at The application has two parts, initial and final. Applicants have the option of completing the initial application before their system is built, however funding is first-come, first-served and applicants are not guaranteed of funding until their system in complete and they have obtained a Delaware Public Service Commission certification number.