Welcome to Green Grant Delaware sponsored by the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU) and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC). This website is home to the Green Energy Grant program, Solar Hot Water and Geothermal Grant programs, Home Energy Efficiency Loan program, and Solar Loan program.

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Green Energy Grant Programs – Delmarva Power Customers

The Green Energy Grant Program for Delmarva Power customers provides grants for Solar Photovoltaic, Wind, Solar Hot Water, & Geothermal systems. This program is only open to Delmarva Power customers.

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Non-Residential & Non-Profit Solar Hot Water & Geothermal Grants

The non-residential and non-profit solar hot water and geothermal program is jointly run by DNREC and the SEU, offering grants to qualified installations of solar hot water and geothermal systems in Delaware based on system sizes.

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Home Energy Efficiency Loans

The Energize Delaware Home Energy Efficiency Loan program was for Delaware homeowners looking to finance energy-saving home improvements.

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Energize Delaware Solar Loan Program

The Energize Delaware Solar Loan program is a low interest loan designed to encourage the purchase of customer sited and owned renewable generation. This program is open to credit-qualified residents of Delaware.

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